[kune-devel] [kune-promotor] Sample of kune tool tutorial

Samer samer at ourproject.org
Sat Feb 25 12:51:42 CET 2012

> A sample of tutorial that we'll integrate in each kune tool instead of
> the sample of contents (that you get when you register or create a group):
> http://kune.beta.iepala.es/docs.svg#es (*)

Fantastic :D  So cool!

> I think that these tutorials can help a lot in the use of kune for
> newcommers.
> With this and some more bug fixes, we can think in releasing.
> By the way, you can help making the screnplays about the new tutorials,
> improving that tutorial, with comments, etc.

How should we suggest modifications? Committing to the SVG shouldn't be the
only option... any other way?



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