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Jhonny5 jhonny5 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 02:01:19 CEST 2012

2012/4/11 Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado <vjrj at ourproject.org>

> Hi there,
> We are near to freeze and release the new version of kune, so you can
> help us:

Yeah, very nice to hear that! Congrats. :)

> - testing http://kune.cc
> - or installing and testing kune in your debian/ubuntu machine:
> http://kune.cc/?locale=es#kune.docs.1110.898

I will install a kune node in my debian server this week for testing:
hopefully i can feed up with mates from one cooperative project i have
already. I think is perfect for our start (as a communication base) and for
your feedback.

Actually i was thinking about that today. ^^

> - giving us feedback, and commenting some bugs you feel should be solved
> before this release. This days we did many changes, so maybe there are
> new bugs out there. Here is a wave we are using to organize this:
> http://kune.cc/?locale=es#kune.cc/w+D7eFKsdks_A
> feel free to edit.
> - and after that helping us with the diffusion (also described in the
> previous wave).

I will try my best with that as well.

Cheers mates, and congrats again for your very nice work.



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