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Tue Nov 15 20:21:05 CET 2011

#154: Clicking on Documents should show index
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Comment (by [email protected]…):

 Mmm... I see and agree with you in that case... and what about to send to
 the index of documents if I click on "documents" only in the case when I'm
 already there? I mean, what I'm concerned is about the "confused users"
 that don't know that "documents" behaves as a folder tree, and they won't
 understand how to go out of a document that is open. In the tests I did it
 has happened several times. And when there are no folders and just one doc
 opened, it is not trivial to understand the structure behind it.

 I see it is better to have "memory" when you are in another tool and you
 click in "documents". But if you are already in "documents" and still
 click in "documents" it means you are pretty lost, right? :) In that case,
 maybe the user wants the index of documents...

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