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Fri Nov 11 17:13:13 CET 2011

#154: Clicking on Documents should show index
  Reporter:  [email protected]…      |      Owner:  vjrj
      Type:  enhancement  |     Status:  new
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Comment (by vjrj):

 The user space icons (left-above) and the tool icons remember where you
 were working.

 - You are editing a doc, and you remember that you have to start a task or
 to post something.... then you have to go to the other tool, do that
 stuff, and return to the same point of work... without to have to follow
 anytime all the path from one content to another.

 Imagine you have a big structure of folder...

 You have two ways to move up: the go up button, and also the folders path
 (below), now with a better description (you can drag & drop things here,
 bla, bla, bla). To have three options to make the same things, and to
 don't have some "memory" of what you was doing in your inbox or in some
 tools... I think is worst.

 For me this is a "wontfix", sorry.

 Proposal: let's use kune (for real not for tests) and we'll see more
 accurate the problems and the solutions.

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