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Wed Nov 9 21:06:51 CET 2011

#154: Clicking on Documents should show index
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 If I am in the "documents" tool, I open a doc, I edit it, I finish
 editing, I go to blog, I edit there... and I want to come back to
 "documents", so I click in "documents"... and it re-opens the doc I had
 open. I want to go to the index and I don't know how. I click again in
 "documents" but it does nothing. I want to go to the index!

 The point is that the "go to container folder" button is not trivial to
 understand. The tree structure of folders down neither, especially if you
 are just in a doc in the main index (root folder).

 Proposal of solution: clicking on "documents" should take you to the
 index, or at least to the last folder you were, but never inside a wave.

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