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Issue #152 has been updated by Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado.

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This option now is "optional" via kune.properties.

Feature #152: Proposal: remove top-left "public space" icon

* Author: Anonymous
* Status: Closed
* Priority: High
* Assignee: Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado
* Category: Usability
* Target version: 
* Resolution: fixed
This is a controversial proposal. Explanation:
* The home, user-space & group-space icons have a common behaviour: wherever you are, you can go there to change "view" and do actions. In Home you can view last updates & stats, in user-space your edited docs, in group-space your group view.
* The "public" icon does not behave the same way. 1) you cannot do actions there, it's just to see "how will the page look like". 2) It DOES matter where you are in the group-space, as the "public" icon will show the public version of whatever you were seeing there. However, I may be working in my user-space and if I jump from there to the public, it'd show the last page I saw in the group-space... That's confusing.
* I propose that this functionality, the "how will the page look like", is a preview button from the group-space. A preview button, and nothing else. Thus, you must be in the group-space to click on it. It is a preview, which people understand what is it. And it keeps the same functionality.

This suggestion comes from explaining it to different people and most finding it pretty confusing. This is especially complicated right now, when the public part is not yet implemented. I would do this change asap to minimize confusion and increase usability (instead of four top-left icons to understand, only three).  

Maybe there are other alternatives to this change, but it'd be good to discuss this issue.

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