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Issue #131 has been updated by Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado.

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Feature #131: Secure register/sign in and autologin

* Author: Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado
* Status: Closed
* Priority: High
* Assignee: Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado
* Category: Common
* Target version: 
* Resolution: fixed
The goal:
- Register accounts
- Sign in with user/pass
- and auto login with a cookie for some days
in both Kune+Wave+XMPP

Also we have to permit xmpp auth to non kune/emite xmpp clients.

The current status:
Kune/WIAB register users with digest SHA-512 + salt
     auth plaintext user + pass (see [[WaveClientSimpleAuthenticator]]). Aka: We should use https
Autologin is done via a hash in a cookie.

A proposed non secure solution (server specific) is to implement a custom:
and for autologin, try to auth to xmpp with user+cookie-hash as a second option using:

This permits normal xmpp use (with external and emite client) and autologin for xmpp also in kune.

Problem: we need to store plain passwords (even with a SASL client I think). See:
This is not secure: "But hey, management wants encrypted passwords in the database, management gets encrypted passwords in the database. :-)"

TODO: study a way to make a compatible secure plain+digest [[AuthProvider]] compatible with our SHA-512 stored pass... 

Work in progress

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