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Dr. Peter Troxler trox at fabfolk.com
Tue Jan 5 15:46:37 CET 2016

> On 5 Jan 2016, at 15:22, fauno <fauno at endefensadelsl.org> wrote:
> * the non-standard [hX] tags for titles (is it a wordpress plugin?)

this is legacy formatting from the former wordpress theme that we were using; I have created a plugin to convert those on the fly to regular HTML, see http://peerproduction-net.preview1.cp247.net <http://peerproduction-net.preview1.cp247.net/> (under construction)
> * third-level sections were using bold paragraphs instead of <h3>

this should be an instruction to editors to use <h3> and not bold paragraphs
> * quotes were using formatted paragraphs instead of <blockquote>

similarly, editors should use <blockquote> in these instances
> * there're many <div>s without content, but they're easy to remove
> * bibliography had several italic tags (<i>) without content, this made
>  pandoc convert them correctly, but the conversion to epub made it
>  confuse them for bold markup (single * is italic, empty italic was **,
>  where ** opens and closes bold text too)

this is strange, as the (WYSIWYG) editor (TinyMCE) in WP normally eliminates (some) empty tags ... might need to pay attention to this when editing an issue
> * there were some footnotes that had lots of <sup> tags instead of just
>  one (minor annoyance anyway, see "expanding the internet commons")

this *could* be a result from converting from Word? ... html cleanup when editing ... or it is a plugin issue, would need to investigate
> i think that's it.  i guess most of them are limitations on how
> wordpress cleans the html markup when posting, though others are
> creative uses of these limitations :D

=> we will anyway have to update instructions to editors :)

/ Peter
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