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fauno fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Tue Jan 5 15:22:00 CET 2016

"Dr. Peter Troxler" <trox at fabfolk.com> writes:

> nice one!


> - are you willing to do this for all issues (that would be great)

yes, but it may take me a while

> - what are the formatting issues and do you think there is a way to
> minimize these? how?

pandoc converted html to markdown for me, but other things i had to fix

* the non-standard [hX] tags for titles (is it a wordpress plugin?)

* third-level sections were using bold paragraphs instead of <h3>

* quotes were using formatted paragraphs instead of <blockquote>

* there're many <div>s without content, but they're easy to remove

* bibliography had several italic tags (<i>) without content, this made
  pandoc convert them correctly, but the conversion to epub made it
  confuse them for bold markup (single * is italic, empty italic was **,
  where ** opens and closes bold text too)

* there were some footnotes that had lots of <sup> tags instead of just
  one (minor annoyance anyway, see "expanding the internet commons")

i think that's it.  i guess most of them are limitations on how
wordpress cleans the html markup when posting, though others are
creative uses of these limitations :D

i find markdown as the base format easier to work with, like the "source
code" of an article.  then it can be converted to anything else in a
clean way.  see, for instance, endefensadelsl.org, where articles are
published in several formats.  this is done automatically after humans
write everything in markdown.

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