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Franco Iacomella franco at p2pfoundation.net
Wed Mar 14 22:58:34 CET 2012

El 10/03/12 20:40, Mathieu ONeil escribió:
> § Homepage:
> This page has a menu-bar at the bottom with the different categories
> (research, debate, section).
> We dont really need this any more as we are not grouping articles in
> this way.
> => I can't modify this as this page appears to be blocked. Can you help?
> - thanks.

To change that elements you need to go to Lustrel Options > Homepage tabs.

> § About:
> -"Mission statement" should probably be renamed "Submission" as the
> mission statement part is already on the first page and there is a lot
> more content to be added which details the kind of submissions
> (research, debate, etc) which we are interested.
> -There is a page called "Participate" which should probably be renamed
> "Mailing lists" like this one: <http://cspp.oekonux.org/about/mailing-list>
> This could also include a link to the still active jox cspp list.


> => Does everyone agree? I can't modify this either as all these page
> appear to be blocked. Can you help? - thanks.

Since you are admin now, you should be able to modify it.

> § Research section:
> As you can see from say
> <http://cspp.oekonux.org/research/mass-peer-activism/rs1.1-swedish-file-sharing>, research
> articles have a lot of different files - there is a summary, the pdf of
> the paper, the pdf of final signals, and pdfs of backrgound material
> (the original submissions and reviews). The way it was set up in Plone
> was by having different pages for all these pdfs but it might be easier
> (if possible) to have them all on one page.
> => What do you think?

I think that we should avoid that much ammount of files. I think that we 
should have:
  - pdf, html and epub of each article
  - pdf, html and epub of each issue

> § Structure:
> I do need to return to the importance of having a page which gives a
> reasonably detailed summary of the content of each issue as FM does.
> Athina on this list and Francesca privately also agreed that this is
> necessary. So instead of the current content of the "Issue 0" page
> (which should in fact be the "Editorial") we should have something like:

Ok, I understand your point now. I will try to work on this during next 
weekend. The final objetive is to have a page template that 
automatically generates this type of index per issue.


Franco Iacomella

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