[Irishpodcast-ipodcast] Also, covering a lot of territory means having information systems which can handle a diverse set of users spread out over many time zones.

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Sun Jun 17 04:57:33 CEST 2007

Word Is Out, Big News Monday!

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$0.20 UP 33.3%

This week's news has already been pushing SREA up. Word is out a BIG
news release is expected Monday! Keep your eyes open and get on SREA

The Facade creates a query using the Java Persistence Query Language to
find all items in the database.

Spring, Hibernate, Struts and Oracle are the main technologies at work
with GlassFish.

An XMLHttpRequest is a JavaScript object that is used to exchange data
asynchronously between a client and server in an Ajax transaction. The
server can connect to many sites to get what it needs.
If you're concerned with preserving your GlassFish configuration, you
should read Shalini's GlassFish upgrade story. Get certified and free
training. This could be fairly complicated if you tried to do it in the
client. You can also add information about yourself such as your
address. More Java Technologies in Television: Blu-ray Disc and Cable
Day Come hear about exciting deployments of Java technology in  digital
television and film, and learn how to get involved.

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