Fundamental mode and undo-tree-mode

Frank Fischer frank-fischer at
Thu Jan 2 10:52:47 CET 2014

Am 01.01.2014 14:18, schrieb Sanel Zukan:
> Thanks for explaining it. Still wrapping around my head Emacs default
> undo/redo system, so I was thinking, does it make sense to make 'redo'
> behaves like default Emacs version, when undo-tree-mode was disabled?
> If I got it right, 'redo' will be the same as 'undo'?

Yes. And that's why it's probably not a good idea to use 'undo' for
'redo' if the latter is not available. It's just unexpected. (Indeed,
why should there be a redo command at all if it's the same as undo?) But
maybe the error message could be improved so that it tells the user that
either 'redo' or 'undo-tree' should be installed (and activated).


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