Fundamental mode and undo-tree-mode

Sanel Zukan sanelz at
Wed Jan 1 14:18:37 CET 2014

On 12/31/13, Frank Fischer wrote:
> Evil only binds to `redo` not to any specific undo-tree function
> (undo-tree remaps `redo` to `undo-tree-redo` or so). This function is
> also available from other packages, i.e. `redo` or `redo+` (IIRC the
> latter is preferable nowadays, available from Emacswiki). AFAIK no
> `redo` function is available in plain Emacs.
> However, if `undo-tree` is available Evil will load it. This is
> questionable, of course.

Thanks for explaining it. Still wrapping around my head Emacs default
undo/redo system, so I was thinking, does it make sense to make 'redo'
behaves like default Emacs version, when undo-tree-mode was disabled?

If I got it right, 'redo' will be the same as 'undo'?
> Frank


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