Deleting buffer without losing the split window

Frank Fischer frank-fischer at
Fri Mar 15 21:33:55 CET 2013

On 2013-03-08, Hongxu Chen <leftcopy.chx at> wrote:
> You mean `*\C-xk*` would mess up the split window as well? In my case,
> another window would replace the killed window.
> I feel that evil does so little support for the window operations. For
> instance, the `Ctrl-w_v` in vim has not been emulated yet(the key is binded
> with `split-window-right`, which is defined in window.el). Everything goes
> all right until I have to split more windows with `Ctrl-w_v` and
> `Ctrl-w_s`, the size of the windows are now adjusted properly.

Hm, you're right, adjusting the windows sizes may be useful. I've
always found the current behaviour, well, suboptimal, but I've always
been too lazy to fix. And nobody else complained ...

Maybe it's time to file a feature request ... ?

> Also evil has no support for multiple tabs, so we have to use other screen
> extensions like escreen/elscreen in Emacs and make some keybindings.

It is very unlikely that Evil will ever support multiple tabs. The
reason is that this is a feature of the environment (i.e. Emacs in
this case) and has nothing to do with editing. Some people like
elscreen, others might prefer tabbar-mode. But it any case, dealing
with buffers, windows or tabs is different in Emacs than in Vim (e.g.
buffers do not have numbers) and is something that another package
should do. Then it should not be too difficult to provide appropriate
key bindings for Evil, possibly as an additional plugin like
`evil-elscreen.el` or something else. Adding tabs to evil would mean a
lot of additional work, and it would mean to copy (more or less) what
has already been implemented in other packages.

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