Cannot get initial state to evil in BSelect mode

Michael Markert markert.michael at
Thu Feb 23 12:20:25 CET 2012

Hi Alan,

Alan Schmitt <alan.schmitt at> writes:

> I use reftex when doing LaTeX, and one very nice thing is the way it deals with
> bibliographic entries. Unfortunately, when I want to select a bib entry, I'm by
> default in normal mode. Looking at the mode line, I see the current mode is
> "BSelect", so I tried adding this to my .emacs:

> (evil-set-initial-state 'bselect-mode 'emacs)

Well it seems to be the wrong name (`reftex-select-bib-mode' being the
right one):

| (define-derived-mode reftex-select-bib-mode fundamental-mode "BSelect"
|   "Major mode for selecting a citation key in a LaTeX document.
|   ...


    (evil-set-initial-state 'reftex-select-bib-mode 'emacs)

Good Luck,
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