Vimpulse and vim-mode

Christoph LANGE langec at
Sat Feb 26 11:38:57 CET 2011

Hi Frank,

from a pure user's perspective (so far) I highly welcome the initiative
to merge vim-mode and Vimpulse.  However, I'd like to ask both sides to
pay attention to the default behavior.  I would appreciate if the result
of the merger had (at least) two default profiles – one with the former
vim-mode behavior, and one with the former vimpulse behavior – which can
be selected by some easy configuration/customization option.

My reason for saying that is that I'm mostly used to Vimpulse (running
in Viper's "expert mode" 5, i.e. with full access to Emacs keybindings).
 When I once gave a quick try to vim-mode, I realized that some things
work differently.  For example: IIRC C-f in Vimpulse does "page down" by
default, whereas in vim-mode it does something else.  C-e in Vimpulse
doesn't map to any vim-like feature, but to end-of-visual-line, whereas
in vim-mode it does something else (don't remember, maybe copying from
above/below in insert mode?).

This is not to say that vim-mode did anything _wrong_; in fact each mode
seemed consistent in itself.  But I would like any future version of
these modes to be easily able to "do the right thing" – whatever the
"right thing" from _my_ point of view might be ;-)



Christoph Lange,, Skype

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