Fixed the bug that 'back-to-indentation' operation breaks "." repeating

York Zhao gtdplatform at
Thu Aug 25 18:55:22 CEST 2011

>> Just curious about what keyboard layout you are using
> German QWERTZ
>> if you don't mind my asking and how do you feel?
> You ask because those layouts are so bad for your hands?

Yes, still suffering actually although is getting better.

> I'd been using the neo layout (something like dvorak for German) but a had
> troubles when working an someone else's computer with a traditional layout, so
> I switched back to QWERTZ with some adjustments for characters that are
> important for programming and in bad position on QWERTZ (e.g., {}[]()\ and so
> on).

I heard that somebody can type fluently on both layouts. I've just started on
Dvorak for less than two months and am still not fluent on this new layout yet
(probably because I have used auto-complete too much), I plan to be switching
back to QWERTZ from time to time to keep myself from forgetting it.


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