The dot Command not able to repeat text inserted by "Auto-complete"

York Zhao gtdplatform at
Mon Aug 22 18:19:14 CEST 2011

> The easy one (I haven't fixed yet) is the following. pop-repeat works by
> using undo to unrepeat the repeated command and then replay the next
> command in the repeat ring. The problem arises if the first repeated
> command (the one that should be reverted and replaced by the next one)
> did not perform any change in the buffer. In this case no undo
> information is recored und the call to `evil-pop-repeat', which just
> undos the last command would undo not the repeated command (because
> this one did not do anything) but the command before that. That's the
> reason why you may end up with an empty *scratch* buffer - the
> insertion of the inserted text is actually reverted accidentally. Well,
> this should not be too difficult to fix.

The version I'm current using is commit "b46489" which I'm not sure should have
the fix for the first problem. But it seems to be working better now except that
there are still issues:

- make emacs
- C-h k M-. (This splits horizontally into two windows with the original one on
- the left side and a help window on the right side.
- Type "i"
- Type "aaa"
- Type ESC
- Type "a"
- Type "bbb"
- Type ESC
- Type "."
- Type "C-." a few more times and you will get the buffer messed up

> the second issue is much more serious and probably impossible to do
> right.

Let's see how it goes

Also I noticed that "M-." never has any effect, maybe I'm missing anything here?

Thank you very much for your hard working.


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