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Ney. Nearly the whole of the village was the property of a gentleman
who had built the hotel and billiard-room, and run up a few
lodging-houses on a speculation, which seemed at best a doubtful one,
of making it in time a fashionable watering-place. Glyndewi had been
recommended to us as a quiet place. It was quiet--horribly
quiet. Not the quiet of green fields and deep woods, the charm of
country life; but the quiet of a teetotal supper-party, or a college in
vacation. "Just the place for reading: no gayety--no temptations." So I
had written to
tell the governor, in the ardour of my setting forth as one of a
"reading-party:" alas! it was a fatal mistake. Had it been an ordinarily
cheerful place, I think one or two of
us could and should have read
there; as it was, our whole wits were set to work to enliven its
dulness. It took us as long to invent an amusement, as would have
sufficed elsewhere for getting tired
of half a dozen different dissipations. The very reason which made us
fix upon it as a place to read in, proved in our case the source of
unmitigated idleness. "No temptations"
indeed! th
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