[ANN] Vimpulse 0.5

Vegard Øye vegard_oye at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 12 15:11:43 CEST 2010


This release changes Vimpulse's dependencies: it now uses undo-tree.el
instead of redo.el. undo-tree.el can be obtained from:


Just place it somewhere in your `load-path', and Vimpulse will
load it automatically. (You can still use redo.el with XEmacs,
but without the tree functionality of undo-tree.el.)


- [NEW] :undolist or :ul shows the undo history as a tree. This
  uses undo-tree.el, which replaces redo.el for undo/redo.
- [NEW] "/" and "?" use isearch. Matches are highlighted while
  typing; also, isearch shortcuts apply, like "M-c" to toggle
  case-sensitivity. Type "C-h k /" for more details.
- [NEW] Keybinding functions: `vimpulse-global-set-key',
  `vimpulse-local-set-key', `vimpulse-define-key'. State bindings
  can be assigned to both minor and major Emacs modes, which is
  useful for extensions.
- [NEW] Keys: "gi", "g0", "g$", "]P", "]p".
- [NEW] Lower-case marks are buffer-local -- thanks, Štěpán Němec.
- [NEW] If `viper-auto-indent' is t, then "RET" extends the
  comment prefix to the next line (with `comment-indent-new-line'
  from newcomment.el).
- [NEW] "C-w" has its own prefix map, `vimpulse-window-map'.
- [FIX] Replace mode's appearance is more similar to Vim's.
- [FIX] Byte compilation errors.
- [FIX] Various bugs submitted to the mailing list --
  thanks, everyone.


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