[Vimpulse] /-search incremental highlighting is always case insensitive

Stephen Bach sjbach at sjbach.com
Wed Sep 1 20:11:40 CEST 2010


I really like the new isearch-style /-search, but I notice the
highlighting as I'm typing a search term, as well as the first search
selection, are always case insensitive.  So, given this text:


If viper-case-fold-search is nil and I search for "asdf", all of the
variants of asdf highlight, and after pressing enter the cursor moves to
ASDF, but subsequent presses of "n" will only go to asdf (even though
the other variants stay highlighted as if they are also matched).

As a side-note, it'd be nice if the old viper trick of typing "/" twice
quickly to change case sensitivity still worked -- but since this isn't
a Vim thing, I can understand why we didn't bother keeping it around.

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