[implementations-list] style; VCS

Maciej Katafiasz mathrick at gmail.com
Fri Mar 19 10:35:39 CET 2010

Bzr is a very good DVCS with an excellent Windows support, great care
taken to make transitioning from SVN and general use as easy as
possible, flexible workflows and some very usable integration with
both SVN and Git. I use it myself for all my projects, and greatly
prefer it to Git. Emacs proper uses bzr as well, so you'd have the
upstream integration much easier this way.

Read more here:

On most Linux distros it's available directly from your package repo.

If you want to clone the Emacs repo, make sure you're using the latest
version, or at least no older than 2.0; there have been some very
significant performance enhancement making it *much* easier to work
with projects the size of Emacs. It invalidates the old complaints
about clones taking hours; it's now pretty close to being limited by
the bandwidth, memory usage is down as well.


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