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Vegard Øye vegard_oye at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 18 22:28:19 CET 2010

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> Hello Vegard, some oh-so-helpful remarks from me again!

Great! :)

> '( . ) is the same as '( ) (with an exception of being `nil' of
> course, if you want to be really anal), so you don't need some of
> those dots in there.

I'm aware of that -- the variables are shown with non-dotted notation
when I inspect them with C-h v. The dots are just for emphasizing the
"alist inside an alist" structure. However, removing the outermost
ones saves some line length, so I've done that in changeset [149].

> You don't need to redefine the whole function/macro only to add a
> docstring or indent spec.

Ah, I didn't know! Fixed in changeset [149].

> But actually, wouldn't it make more sense to send a patch for
> inclusion in Emacs core?

Yes, I intend to contact Michael Kifer as the current code moves
forward, as it solves some problems mentioned in viper.el (for some
of which he calls for "volunteers").

> Also, have you thought about moving Vimpulse to some usable VCS like
> Git? It would be soooo much more convenient to even just track the
> development, not mentioning possible contributions from others.

I have never used distributed version control, although I would
certainly like to. Git's Windows support is poor, however, so if my
only options were Git and SVN, I'd choose SVN.

Assembla provides Mercurial + Trac, though.

I'm not the maintainer, so it's not my decision to make. Maybe
Alessandro (or Jason) will look into it if you explain a little more
how a switch would be beneficial.

Windows 7: Du får hjelp til gjøre mer. Utforsk Windows 7.

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