Strange visual-line bug

Štěpán Němec stepnem at
Fri Jul 23 00:46:11 CEST 2010

Tim Harper <timcharper at> writes:

>> If you really insisted on having Vimpulse somewhere more "cool" than
>> Assembla, I'd suggest Gitorious, not GitHub. Not only because Gitorious
>> is libre, but also because it's project-centric, not person-centric as
>> GitHub.
> You can set up organizations in GitHub now, which you can use as a 
> project centric location

Didn't know about that, thanks.
(<> for anyone

>> Anyway, I personally really like the mailing list model -- when you send
>> patches to a mailing list, more people have chance to look at it and
>> chime in when they have anything to say on the matter.
> This is a good point, and it has its merits. However, have you ever used 
> the network browser in GitHub? It makes it really easy for people to 
> have multiple forks of a project, and if somebody happens to create a 
> patch that, for whatever reason, isn't merged in, it makes it really 
> easy to find. (I've used it many times to find patches for abandoned 
> projects).

Yeah, the network browser is nice, as are other GitHub features,
although I don't really have any use for them. :-) Maybe it's just me,
but I really prefer the "traditional" e-mail + patches way (even with
projects that use GitHub and even though I do have a GitHub account).
Git makes that totally painless anyway and the open discussion
possibilities are unmatched by the hosting sites' fancy features.
Maybe Web 2.0/3.0 whatever is the future with things like Google Wave
and whatnot, but right now it all just feels like too much hassle (no
unified UI, best-used-with-a-"modern"-browser, being tied to a particular
provider etc.) for too little or no profit to me compared to e-mail.


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