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Vegard Øye vegard_oye at
Mon Jul 5 22:36:37 CEST 2010

On 2010-07-05 18:09, Štěpán Němec wrote:

> Are there no settings available to you where you could change the
> access policy? I watched the Assembla wiki tutorial video :-P and
> there was such a settings interface for the wiki (it's not available
> to me, though, so the fact I wasn't able to find anything for the
> bug tracker doesn't mean there is no such interface).

I can configure the access policy for the Assembla wiki, but I have
not found any settings whatsoever for matters pertaining to Trac.
Another argument against Trac, I guess.

> Vegard Øye <vegard_oye at> writes:
>> For starters, I think we should remove references to the tracker
>> from EmacsWiki, as well as from Vimpulse's headers.
> If you don't intend to use the tracker of fix the access problem,
> then we definitely should.

Done in commit [b174ba8093].

>> For documentation purposes, maybe we should use Assembla's wiki
>> instead of Trac's.
> The Assembla wiki markup format seems to be customizable.

Well, the choices are text, Textile, Markdown, WYSIWYG and raw HTML.
Out of those, Markdown is the least abhorrent.

> In any case, the current setup with two independent wikis is really
> weird; we should choose one and disable the other, possibly
> redirecting the current Home page to the Trac one, should you so
> prefer.

Things will be certainly be less confusing if we stick with Assembla's

> I have no idea about the Assembla administration possibilities and other
> necessary tools, but given that you mentioned a plan to have a Texinfo
> manual in the past (and I agree -- it would be nice to have the
> documentation readily available inside Emacs), it might make sense to
> choose some base format from which both the Wiki markup and the Texinfo
> document could be generated automatically.

Maybe we could produce Texinfo from Markdown. I haven't found any
converters, though.


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