[implementations-list] Dear readers: We need ten minutes of your time to test Vegard's vimpulse-modal so we can decide if to include it in Vimpulse or not

Jason Spiro jasonspiro3 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 21:55:26 CET 2010

On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 7:06 PM, Štěpán Němec <stepnem at gmail.com> wrote:

> The package works fine for me with the latest Emacs (built today from
> the Git mirror of the main Bazaar repository) and today's SVN Vimpulse.

Thank you for testing it.  Vegard, feel free to merge it.  Please
don't forget to add yourself to the Copyrights file if you haven't
done so already.

> BTW, this is ridiculous -- Vegard, as the current maintainer of Vimpulse
> and the author of vimpulse-modal.el, is the one who should decide
> whether to include it or not. You (Jason) are going to make such a
> decision for him, based on an opinion of a single user?

Neither me nor Vegard are official maintainers.  Alessandro still is.
Both me and Alessandro are too busy to do any testing right now.
Because I'm the previous maintainer, Alessandro doesn't mind me making
certain decisions.

If Vegard had a longer history with us, I would have let him merge
vimpulse-modal.el right away.  But he's pretty new to the Vimpulse
community, so I was cautious and waited for someone to test it.
Štěpán, it was kind of you to do the testing.

> I'm very happy Vimpulse has got a maintainer that really cares about the
> package and makes it better. I have not tested it havily yet, but it's
> already obvious that nothing serious is broken since the last version,
> right on the contrary: Vegard fixed some bugs and added useful
> functionality.
> Thank you very much and put up the good work!

I, too, am very happy that Vegard is around now, because it helps
Vimpulse users everywhere.

> P.S.: What I miss from vimpulse-modal.el are the unmapping functions
> to complement the mapping functionality. Maybe you're going to add them
> after merging with Vimpulse, as well as the Vim (un)mapping Ex commands?

I don't know if Vegard will do it.  I hope he will read this email.
Note that the better way to suggest such things is to send a bug
report assigned to him to http://www.assembla.com/spaces/vimpulse  :)

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