[implementations-list] Messing around with viper and its extensions

Konrad Scorciapino konrad at scorciapino.com
Sat Jan 2 02:26:56 CET 2010

Excerpts from Vegard Øye's message of Fri Jan 01 11:35:12 -0300 2010:

> Try the SVN version. It's far from bug-free, but slightly more useable.
> http://www.assembla.com/spaces/vimpulse/trac_subversion_tool

Great! I've added a link to it on EmacsWiki's vimpulse page

> I have done a rewrite of Visual mode to make it compatible with
> Emacs regions; that is, you can make a visual selection and do
> M-x indent-region on it, rather than having to write your own
> indentation function which recognizes visual boundaries. While I use
> it for my everyday work, it's still alpha, and needs testing before
> committing to SVN. Would you help with testing it?

> The viper-in-more-modes.el project, which I am now the maintainer of,
> intends to collect all such bindings in one package. Feel free to send
> me the bindings if you want them included.

> Seems they didn't make it through to the mailing list. Maybe you could
> make a ticket at our bug tracker and upload them there?

Sure! I'll work on these things on Sunday, and send you some feedback.



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