[implementations-list] Messing around with viper and its extensions

Konrad Scorciapino konrad at scorciapino.com
Fri Jan 1 02:46:42 CET 2010

Hey guys,

I'd been using vim for 5 or more years, until about a month ago, when
I switched to Emacs to have access to better Lisp utilities. From
day 1, I've been wanting to improve Viper, and my conversation
some days ago with Jason at #emacs inspired me, so I played a bit 
with it and its extensions, and here I am to report the results.

First I played a bit with vimpulse.el and viper-in-more-modes.el,
fixing the extensions to the Emacs Mode.

The visual mode evaluation wasn't working at all. First, the variable
which was used to check if the user was on the visual mode was
prefixed with viper-, but since I could only find it in vimpulse.el, I
changed the prefix. Secondly, for some reason, the function
'(vimpulse-set-mark)' was commented in vimpulse.el, so I had to
uncomment it.  I also changed a bit some other functions and got the 
Visual Line mode working more consistently.

Besides that, I started to write viper bindings to ibuffer-mode.
My idea is to write bindings for all modes a user might possibly
find, thus providing a vi-like experience everywhere.

I've attached the patches relative to the files I've changes. This is my first experience with elisp programming, so criticism of any kind is welcome.

Thanks, and happy new year :-)

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