vimpulse bug: visual-line does not select final newline

Tim Harper timcharper at
Fri Aug 20 18:19:40 CEST 2010

Hi Stepan, I am back.  I recently lost a daughter and have been
grieving, and am transitioning back into the temporal world again.
Before I say more, I'd just encourage everyone to hold their families
close and be sure to spend time with them every day.  Family is the
most important thing in this world.

Now, to the discussion at hand:

On Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 11:06 AM, Štěpán Němec <stepnem at> wrote:
> Vegard Øye <vegard_oye at> writes:
> [...]
>> Rewriting the code along the lines of approach #2 in the post below is
>> one solution.[1] Another is to list the commands in
>> `vimpulse-newline-cmds':
>>     (add-to-list 'vimpulse-newline-cmds 'vimpulse-change-surround-or-change)
>>     (add-to-list 'vimpulse-newline-cmds 'vimpulse-delete-surround-or-delete)
> [...]
>> [1]
> I went for the minor mode approach (and thus the second recommended
> solution above) to be able to enable and disable the plugin cleanly.
> Tim seems to be absent lately, so I forked his Github repo to make the
> changes available to anyone interested:
> git://

Thank you for making the changes, I'll review them with the confidence
that they are clearly improvements.  I don't fully understand how
vimpulse-surround had repercussions and was affecting vimpulse
surround behavior, I will read more carefully into it.

> There are still glitches, though, e.g.:
> - with the mode enabled, `cw' eats the space after the word being
> changed, unlike in plain Vim(pulse)
> - after enabling the mode, you have to actually do something for the new
> bindings to take effect, i.e. `C-h c c' still reports `vimpulse-change',
> only after e.g. entering and exiting Insert mode does
> `vimpulse-change-surround-or-change' take effect.
> - changing curly braces (`cs}' on "{word}") doesn't seem to work
> I guess I'll try to investigate when I get the time'n'energy, but the
> relevant parts of Vimpulse make my head explode, so I welcome any
> advice or contribution. ;-)
>  Štěpán
> P.S.: Locally I have also changed `<' and `>' to behave as other
> brackets and left only `t' for tags. That's surround.vim-incompatible
> AFAIK so I haven't pushed it, but I *really* want angle brackets, too
> (and it's a net win, as `t' already takes care of tags anyway). What do
> you people think? I should ask the surround.vim author, too.

I have thought about that as well, but there's something very natural
about typing 's<a href="...">' to create a link.  Tim Pope I'm sure
wrestled with that decision.

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