[implementations-list] Re: Vimpulse breaks inferior shells

Alessandro Piras laynor at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 16:43:57 CEST 2009

Also, please report the bugs on the mailing list, not directly to me, thanks

2009/6/24 Alessandro Piras <laynor at gmail.com>

> Hi menno, and thanks for your report.
> The problem resides in the RET binding, I didn't know it could cause
> problems.
> Search for the line
> (define-key viper-insert-global-user-map (kbd "RET")
> 'vimpulse-enter-indents)
> and comment it, your problem will be gone, but you will lose automatic
> indenting when pressing enter.
> I will try to find a solution :)
> Cheers,
> Alessandro
> 2009/6/24 Menno <menno at freshfoo.com>
> Hi,
>> Firstly, thanks for maintaining Vimpulse. It is part of the reason I made
>> the switch from Vim to Emacs.
>> I've been using Vimpulse for a while and yesterday tried out
>> (and today). With the new versions, inferior shells (eg.
>> shell or sql-postgres) have stopped working. I get a prompt, can enter a
>> command but I never see output.
>> The problem is definitely related to Vimpulse. If I revert to the older
>> version the problem goes away.
>> Any ideas?
>> Thanks,
>> Menno

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