[implementations-list] I want to contribute!

Alessandro Piras laynor at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 15:36:04 CEST 2009

by the way, I noticed there's a questions in the code comment about an
ugly hack on the parens matching. The question is "what is this code
_trying_ to do?".
let's use an example to explain it:


when the rectangular cursor is on the "(" character, emacs highlights
the matching ")" character. That's fine and it's the same as vim does.
when the cursor is on the ")" instead, emacs does nothing. Emacs need
the cursor to be _after_ the closing paren to match it. So the hack
was, if we are on a closing paren, go forward one character, let emacs
highlight the stuff, go backwards 1 character.

I read it broke other things, so the hack definately sucks.
Does someone have any idea on how to deal with that stuff?

2009/6/17 Alessandro Piras <laynor at gmail.com>
> Hello,
> I haven't been active for quite a long time, but I thought I would like to play with lisp some more and I ran emacs again, of course with vimpulse, which I and Brad started primarily to play with lisp. I didn't remember how much the visual selection sucked, in particular:
> GVj => the last raw of text is not selected.
> So in this moment I'm trying to get a better behavior, and I'm actually thinking of using an overlay instead of the transient mark mode for visual highlighting. More news in the next days.
> __
> Alessandro
> 2009/4/2 Marius Andersen <rezonatix3 at yahoo.no>
>> > Fra: Stephen Bach <sjbach at sjbach.com>
>> > Emne: Re: [implementations-list] I want to contribute!
>> > Til: "Marius Andersen" <rezonatix3 at yahoo.no>
>> > Kopi: implementations-list at lists.ourproject.org
>> >
>> > > Currently, I've added an entry to the cond form beginning at line
>> > > 1300 in viper-cmd.el (where `viper-prefix-arg-com' is defined), to
>> > > associate some simple behavior to `di' (whose cons cell would be
>> > > '(?i . ?d)).
>> >
>> > Hi Marius, good work! How about putting the patch (plus writeup) on
>> > the Vimpulse discussion page? It should be hosted somewhere.
>> I've posted it at http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/vimpulse . It's
>> rather ugly, to be honest, but at least it's a start. :)
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