[implementations-list] I want to contribute!

Alessandro Piras laynor at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 15:15:20 CEST 2009

I haven't been active for quite a long time, but I thought I would like to
play with lisp some more and I ran emacs again, of course with vimpulse,
which I and Brad started primarily to play with lisp. I didn't remember how
much the visual selection sucked, in particular:
GVj => the last raw of text is not selected.
So in this moment I'm trying to get a better behavior, and I'm actually
thinking of using an overlay instead of the transient mark mode for visual
highlighting. More news in the next days.

2009/4/2 Marius Andersen <rezonatix3 at yahoo.no>

> > Fra: Stephen Bach <sjbach at sjbach.com>
> > Emne: Re: [implementations-list] I want to contribute!
> > Til: "Marius Andersen" <rezonatix3 at yahoo.no>
> > Kopi: implementations-list at lists.ourproject.org
> >
> > > Currently, I've added an entry to the cond form beginning at line
> > > 1300 in viper-cmd.el (where `viper-prefix-arg-com' is defined), to
> > > associate some simple behavior to `di' (whose cons cell would be
> > > '(?i . ?d)).
> >
> > Hi Marius, good work! How about putting the patch (plus writeup) on
> > the Vimpulse discussion page? It should be hosted somewhere.
> I've posted it at http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/vimpulse . It's
> rather ugly, to be honest, but at least it's a start. :)
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