[implementations-list] Re: What to do so Vimpulse (Vim emulation plugin) can get into Emacs?

Stefan Monnier monnier at iro.umontreal.ca
Sun Feb 1 23:11:18 CET 2009

> I know two things:

> 1.  fix Vimpulse's most serious bugs:  it is currently buggy

> 2.  do copyright assignment:  it hasn't been done yet, and Donald
> Robertson, GNU copyright clerk, said it must wait until you accept
> vimpulse into Emacs.  (The two main authors have agreed that they will
> assign copyright when needed.)

I don't know what Donald was talking about, but step 2 can be done at
any time:
2a. send a "request-assign.changes" for past and future changes to Emacs.
2b. once this is done (and before inclusion), send an email to
    assign at gnu.org indicating that you consider vimpulse.el as being
    covered by the previous assignment.

Of course there are other steps:

3. Get it accepted.

4. Get it included.

Step 3 may require some more changes to better integrate it with
Emacs/Viper/Younameit.  Step 4 may require waiting for a good window
(typically the best time is right after a release).


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