[implementations-list] viper-in-more-modes for Haskell, Ruby, Prolog, and maybe AucTEX (was: Re: viper-in-more-modes)

Jason Spiro jasonspiro3 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 28 21:28:29 CET 2009

> From: Alexey Romanov <alexey.v.romanov at gmail.com>
> Date: Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 10:24 AM
> I've been using both Vimpulse and viper-in-more-modes and extended
> vimm to Haskell, Ruby, Prolog and LaTeX (from AucTEX) modes.
> I'm sending you the modified file. Ruby, Haskell, and Prolog work, but
> LaTeX doesn't.
> For some reason
> (viper-modify-major-mode 'LaTeX-mode 'vi-state my-LaTeX-modified-vi-map)
> doesn't seem to work, since my-LaTeX-modified-vi-map has the correct value.

cc:  implementations-list

By the way, if viper-in-more-modes one will be ready to include in
upstream Emacs, will you then be willing to sign and submit a
copyright assignment form to the FSF?

Also, are you willing to privately mail me either your home or work
mailing address and/or phone number, for use at that time?  This is
completely optional, but it'd be good if you're willing to do it.  If
you do it, I recommend you send it as a separate email, not CCed to

Kind regards,

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