[implementations-list] [PATCH] Small fixes

Vegard Øye vegard_oye at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 1 20:09:37 CET 2009

I have made a few fixes, attached to this e-mail as a patch
(patch.txt). They are:

* AUTOMATIC LOADING OF CL.EL: if cl.el isn't loaded already (Common
  Lisp extensions for Emacs), one gets error messages bemoaning
  undefined functions like `destructuring-bind'. Added (require 'cl)
  to fix this.

* FIXED `TRAILING-NEWLINES' PARAMETER: corrected a small typo in the
  function `vimpulse-get-bounds-with-whitespace'. See
  http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/vimpulse for details.

I also took the liberty to remove any trailing whitespace
(M-x delete-trailing-whitespace), which made the patch a bit larger
than it otherwise would have been.

The patch was made with the GnuWin32 version of diff, running on
Windows XP, with the command

    diff vimpulse-old.el vimpulse.el> patch.txt

where vimpulse-old.el is version 0.3.0 of Vimpulse, downloaded from

Tested on GNU Emacs 23.1.

Vegard Øye
Nye Windows 7: PCen som passer for deg. Finn ut mer.
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