[implementations-list] (viper devel) Should Viper parse .vimrcfiles? And should "n" and C-s C-s search be integrated?

Jason A. Spiro jasonspiro at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 22:29:20 CEST 2007

2007/10/1, Jon <j at ngedit.com> wrote:

[ context lost due to top-posting, sorry :) ]

> Sorry for the delay in answering.

Don't feel bad.  I am delighted that someone (you) answered.  Now the
list can truly be considered active!  I wonder if I should invite

> ViEmu's approach with .vimrc is that I don't read it. I provide an alternate
> .viemurc.

How do you parse the .viemurc file?

> In my opinion, vim's scripting language is a total PITA. So good luck with
> it. It's not among the goals of ViEmu to provide full vim/viml emulation, it
> would be too much work for too little a result. But a healthy subset of the
> important parts is important for many users.

That makes sense.  I am considering implementing a larger subset,
though, so as to be able to run Vim syntax highlighting scripts.  One
day.  :)

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