[PeDAGoG] In a few hours... PeDAGoG meeting-7th of February 2023: 1 pm GMT /6 PM IST.

Pallavi Varma Patil pallavi.vp at apu.edu.in
Tue Feb 7 12:05:11 CET 2023

Dear all ,

if those who see this in their inbox in time can make it- it would be good
to have a discussion *about the future of this group.*

We have 171 members registered (see the google sheet here
but often we find it hard to even get a quorum.
With very few members attending and often the very same ones joining in,
PeDaGoG seems to be of not much use to many amongst us for now ( am sure
for valid and diverse reasons).
So perhaps it's time to bring it to a close or it is time to think of it in
a different avatar.  If many of you could pop in today and share what you
think it would be of use.


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Dear all,

This is a gentle reminder for our upcoming PeDAGoG *meeting on the 7th of
February 2023- at 1 pm GMT.* Please mark your calendars, looking forward to
your participation!

Please find the link to join in below

Topic: PeDAGoG Meeting
Time: Feb 7, 2023 01:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 893 0639 3200
Passcode: 555623

Key points discussed in the last meeting can be found below.


   - Revival of the planning committee for the “Learning through
   alternative futures series”. It is a very diverse and interesting group
   that should keep meeting.
   - Recommendations for next in the webinar series are as follows:

   1. Samantha Hargreaves of WoMin in South Africa on alternative learning
   processes that combine feminist, ecological and anti-extractivist themes.
   2. Alrowwad – cultural and arts society from Palestine on methods of art
   and pedagogy for social movements
   3. Academy of Democratic Modernity on alternate learnings in the Kurdish
   4. Frances Ferreira from Commonwealth of Learning on community
   programmes contributing to improved livelihoods of women and girls in
   underserved communities
   5. Carol Anne Spreen on Learning in Third spaces

   - How might we restart the sharing of alternative courses and
   methodologies, pedagogies through meetings, mail, etc? What mediums can we
   use? Some suggestions include starting a book recommendations series to
   increase interaction within the network. Any other suggestions are welcome
   and it is encouraged to keep sharing updates, notes, reflections, etc in
   the network.
   - Theatre and pedagogy would be an interesting intersection to explore.
   A webinar/ workshop by a group of youngsters should take place. Sonali
   Sathaye to share with us a few instances she is working on.
   - Melanie Bush, Pallavi Varma Patil, and Dani Leonardo have offered to
   conduct a participatory workshop on “Strategies Beyond Borders: Tales of
   Time Banks” on 27th Jan. The discussion will be based on pedagogies that
   embed alternative ways of organising society. This session will also have
   an experience sharing by students and “Offer and Needs Market” by Post
   Growth Institute. Recording will be shared soon.

Warm Regards,
Urvi Shah
Vikalp Sangam <http://www.vikalpsangam.org>/ Global Tapestry of
Alternatives  <http://www.globaltapestryofalternatives.org>

Twitter <https://twitter.com/urvishxh>
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