[PeDAGoG] A new article on REDWeb - "Beautiful Resistance" in Palestine - Challenging occupation by forging inner peace"

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A new article, "Beautiful Resistance" in Palestine - Challenging Occupation
by forging inner peace has been uploaded to the Radical Ecological
Democracy website:


Resistance is a multifaceted undertaking - it demands clarity of purpose,
steady action, regular strategic and tactical innovations, and access to
resources. But, most importantly, it needs committed people at peace with
their purpose. In Palestine, where the ugliness of occupation, violation of
human rights and dehumanizing oppression are a lived reality, how do people
respond without succumbing to frenzied violence, particularly its youth who
grow up witnessing the unceasing shattering of their future, everyday?
*a Palestinian cultural and arts organization uses the philosophy of
“Beautiful Resistance” to work with the country’s youth and children to
establish a sense of creative peace in their hearts and minds, with the
ultimate aim of transmitting that ideal to the rest of the Palestinian
society, and to lay the “alternative” pathway to freedom and self-rule.

Please take a look and join the discussion on REDWeb listserv or the
website discussion forum. The author is copied here in case you would like
to contact him directly.


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