[PeDAGoG] Invitation to explore: What is worth doing?

Andrea González Andino andreagonzalezandino at gmail.com
Tue Nov 23 18:51:05 CET 2021

Dear friends on the network here we share an invitation. This is an
experiment that came from conversations with some friends from
Ecoversities, our own lives, and what our territories are manifesting in

Please, read it and if you are interested sign up. If it resonates with
someone that you know, please share it.



Frustrated with the current paved paths society offers you?

Are you questioning the expectations society has for you?

Do you want to do things that make sense to you and not others?

       College degree? Family? kids? a car? Is that your list or someone

*We invite you all to come for a 3-day online workshop where we will
explore ‘What is worth doing?’ *

We have been mapping this question through 1:1 dialogues & now we want to
invite a group into our process. We will spend each session opening up
possibilities that emerge when we enter the labyrinth of ourselves, to our
internal world. On day two we invite you to map your life, add milestones,
recognize where you are and all that your journey has given you so far.
Family, friends, land, territories, ancestors, etc.

Finally, we invite you to envision what lies ahead! Day 3 we will explore
how to navigate life’s unfolding path - on our own terms. We will invite
you to networks of possibilities that are opening around the world.

Do you desire a community of wanderers, people that will share their
journeys and discoveries so we can learn and discover together? Maybe part
of the adventure is to visit your grandmother and cook with her, maybe it
is to go to Swaraj Ecoverisity in India and become a Koji, or to go to the
Andes mountains and talk to the Apus (spirit of the mountains).

Join us by signing up here <https://jn3eijjo.paperform.co>. We offer this
on gift economy, so no excuses ;) When you sign up you'll get a kit with
inspiring movies, poems, & stories.

Dates: Nov 29, Dec 1, & Dec 2nd - online from 6-8 PM Eastern Time

Register: https://jn3eijjo.paperform.co  --- If you have any questions, let
us know!

*Sierra, Eileen, and Andrea. *

Who are we?

Eileen Walz

Eileen sparks learning by designing experiences and asking what we can
learn from them. She is constantly inviting others into her learning
journey, and this project is one example of that.

Andrea González Andino

I’m Andrea, andean, andinist, queer, chi´xi, mestiza, from the Andes in
Ecuador. I’m an adventurous professional unlearner, working with love and
care for others and the land. I’m a facilitator of spaces, a question
maker, researcher, and an adventure lover on many fronts of life.

Sierra Allen

At the age of 8 Sierra quit school to focus on learning. She’s been a part
of alternative learning communities and unschooling groups for over 20
years and sees land as the ultimate teacher.


Andrea González Andino
+593 984583118
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