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Here's a very thoughtful response from Ken Montenegro, one of the authors
of "We thought it was fiction", on Şervîn Nûdem's comments:

Hello friends,

All I can say is that what those of us in the US experience in the US is
but a simulacrum of what the settler colonial war machine does in "foreign"
lands. I can also say that what the brave folks fighting for
self-determination in Rojava/Kurdistan/Syria/Turkey are directly
experiencing, like what folks in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Chechnya have
experienced: meta-data (like a phone signal) can kill.

This is once again why abolition matters: we can't accept these weapons and
an abolitionist framework encourages us not to get distracted because these
tools will "keep us safe" per the perpetrators of mass murder; we know that
we keep us safe and free. The brave folks of Rojava teach us that lesson in
the similar way that other temporarily subjugated and targeted folks have
in the past.

As the technology of death accelerates, I think our analysis must as
well...without the prevarication and "two-sides" that some folks propose.

Warm regards from Colombia,

Ken Montenegro :: Technologist, Lawyer, Factotum ::

Here's the link to Ken and colleagues' article:


And, here's the link to the article Şervîn Nûdem wrote earlier in April on
the transformation taking place in Rojava:


On Sun, Oct 31, 2021 at 11:47 PM Pallav Das <dpallav at gmail.com> wrote:

> Friends,
> I wanted to share a special message from our colleague and comrade, *Şervîn
> Nûdem* of the Jineolojî Academy in Rojava (West-Kurdistan) in the
> Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, apprising us
> of the current political situation in Rojava, and how an article on the
> Radical Ecological Democracy website resonated with her. The article *Şervîn
> is* referencing in the note below is:
> https://www.radicalecologicaldemocracy.org/we-thought-it-was-fiction/
> In solidarity,
> Pallav Das
> Here's *Şervîn's note;*
> *"As you are asking about the present situation here in Rojava: I don't
> know how much you are able to follow the news from this region, but
> Turkey's occupation war with increasing aggression and attacks is
> continuing. In addition to the military attacks on regions in South
> Kurdistan which involve repeated use of chemical weapons against HPG
> guerilla units, also war crimes against the people in Rojava are
> continuing. More or less daily, community leaders and activists are
> targeted by Turkish drone attacks in different regions of North Syria and
> in Shengal. Here we see clearly the horrific results of, "Techno Fascism as
> a part of Settler Colonialism" as it has been called in the RED-article. I
> don`t know if Pegasus malware has been involved in these cases, but we
> witnessed that more than a dozen brave women and men who played an
> important role in liberating these soils from the IS-fascists, have been
> executed during the last days due to missile attacks on their cars  -
> especially in Kobanê. We are confronted with a murderous special warfare on
> all levels, while the international public watches silently. Furthermore
> Erdogan seems to prepare for another large scale military invasion against
> the region of Democratic Autonomy in the coming days. As more and more
> people are discontent with his fascist regime and the economic crisis in
> Turkey, he tries again to mobilise with nationalist-fundamentalist slogans
> for another neo-ottoman occupation campaign. Against this everywhere in
> Rojava the people are full of rage and anger. Together, we are determined
> to defend our lives, our dignity, the land and the hope of all people
> living here. Today is Nov, 1st - the World Kobanê Resistance Day. This day
> has shown us that peoples' international solidarity can gain victory
> against the fascist mercenary troops of imperialist powers."*
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