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Dear Friends, 

The Teachers Against the Climate Crisis Group is hosting the next talk in our series on Tuesday, February 2, at 6 PM Indian Standard Time. Please mark your calendars, join us, and encourage others to attend who might be interested. We especially welcome indigenous activists and scholars. Many thanks - Vandana 

Indigenous and non-western understandings of climate change: Latin American challenges to colonial and extractivist discourses 

Dr. Rosalyn Bold, Department of Social Anthropology, University College, London 

Tuesday, February 2, 2021, at 6 PM IST 
Online at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87369834218 

What relevance can indigenous and other non-western environmental understandings have in creating climate change strategies? Rosalyn Bold will outline the recent turn to cosmopolitics and political ontology in the social sciences, which have allowed us to take seriously the cosmological and environmental understandings of indigenous peoples in Latin America, and worldwide. Contemporary philosopher of science Bruno Latour explores how the modern mentality which assumes human control over natural resources underlies extractivist processes causing climate change. Can 'other' worlding practices help us to strip understandings of climate change and environment back to their roots and imagine more sustainable strategies? Can taking such worlds seriously contribute to respecting existing sustainable lifestyles and ways of inhabiting the environment? 

Dr. Rosalyn Bold is a social anthropologist at University College London, whose work focuses on Creating a Cosmopolitics of Climate Change. She undertook her PhD fieldwork in Highland Bolivia, publishing an edited volume on 'Indigenous Perceptions of the End of the World: Creating a Cosmopolitics of Change' (2019) and articles on pro-Indigenous environmental law in Bolivia (2018, forthcoming), as well as on the 'cosmoscape' (2020) considering how contrasting worlding practices contest and converse with one another in contemproary indigenous responses to extractivism. https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Rosalyn_Bold3 

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