[PeDAGoG] Public Lecture Series (online): Lessons form the decolonial thought and the environmental justice form Latin America

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Dear Colleagues,

With the usual apologies for cross-posting, please see the invitation below
for the following online event. Please mark your calendars, join us, and
encourage others to attend who might be interested.

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*Public Lecture Series (online)*

Dear Colleagues,

The Economy & Culture; Geographies of Life; Politics, State and Space; and
the Urban Worlds Research Clusters form the Geography Department at Durham
University are hosting the first talk in our two-part series *Life Under
Overshoot: Assessing the Spatial and Political Implications of a 1.5°C
World* on Friday, February 26th, at 5:00 pm (GMT). Please mark your
calendars, join us, and encourage others to attend who might be interested.

*The social and environmental justice aspects of a 1.5°C word: Lessons from
the decolonial thought and the Latin-American experience.*

*Invited Speaker*: Dr. Iokiñe Rodriguez
<https://people.uea.ac.uk/i_rodriguez-fernandez> (University of East

*Friday, 26th February 2021, at 17:00 (to 18:30) (GMT).*

Please register at:


The session seeks to offer an insight into an environmental justice
perspective emerging from the Global South: the decolonial environmental
justice approach. Latin-American environmental justice movements have
developed notions of justice alongside decolonial thought, offering
insights that seek to understand how the persistence of colonial values
(coloniality) sustains injustices, violence, and dispossessions. The
session seeks to engage with the following questions:

   - What can socio-environmental conflicts in Latin America tell us about
   the necessary transformations from an emancipatory perspective that seeks
   to build greater social and environmental justice and reduce violence?
   - What are the roots form the Latin-American decolonial justice and what
   can we learn from the experience and practice of some of these groups in
   the politics of 1.5°C?
   - What does the reconfiguration of politics and space of warming
   overshooting mean for climate/environmental justice in different
   - How are calls to address the ‘urgency' for emission reductions coming
   from different groups across the political spectrum shaping the emerging
   politics of life under the warming condition?
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