[PeDAGoG] Recording of TACC TALK: Indigenous, non-western understandings of Climate Change by Dr. Rosalyn Bold

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Dear Rosalyn,

Thanks for your talk. In response to your question about similar ideas
being explored in India, I would like to share the work of a friend and
amazing naturalist, Godwin Vasanth Bosco, who worked for nine years in the
Shola regions of the Nilgiris in South India and in 2019 came out with a
book called "Voice of a Sentient Highland". There is a startling
correspondence between what you were talking about and what he talks about
-  Vasanth has come to it through his own relationship with the mountains
(and shola) he knows best.

Technical reasons also prevented me from asking the couple of questions I
wanted, so I take this opportunity to do so -
I was most intrigued by the idea that - and I hope I got it right - climate
change will not prove to be as disastrous for the small, organic farmer as
for industrial agro-business. Have I got it right, and if yes, could you
say more about that?
Also, I am sceptical of reading too much into ritual as a means of
signifying (or inculcating) respect/love. Here in India symbol and
actuality are kept remorselessly apart. Mainstream Hinduism still - indeed,
increasingly - pays attention to the rituals that worship snakes, trees,
forests, lakes, spring, harvest, etc.etc., even as, as a society, we
systematically lop away at forests, dynamite sacred mountains and rivers,
etc.etc. Thoughts?

Incidentally, I studied mainstream Euro-American culture for my
dissertation in Anthropology many years ago in order to study the eye/I
through which so much of the rest of the world is perceived -  The divorce
between nature/culture, self/society, thought/emotion, body/mind seems to
lie at the very heart of this way of perception. Unfortunately however,
these dichotomies are now well represented in thinking - scholarly and
otherwise - all over the world (Protestantism appears to be just one of the
many religions that sit well with our current economic system!).

Looking forward to continued discussion -


On Wed, 3 Feb 2021 at 00:54, Bold, Rosalyn <r.bold at ucl.ac.uk> wrote:

> Thanks very much everyone, I enjoyed today.
> I may have given the wrong email address! You can contact me here at
> r.bold at ucl.ac.uk. I am eager to develop collaborations with colleagues
> studying the relevance of these ideas in india- feel free to get in touch!
> Best wishes
> Rosalyn
> Dr. Rosalyn Bold
> Honorary Research Fellow
> Department of Social Anthropology
> University College London.
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> Dear All,
> For those who missed today's talk by anthropologist Dr. Rosalyn Bold in
> the series from Teachers Against the Climate Crisis (TACC), or those who
> want to revisit what was a really interesting session, here is the link to
> the youtube video.
> Indigenous and non-western understandings of climate change: Latin
> American challenges to colonial and extractivist discourses
> Dr. Rosalyn Bold, University College, London.
> https://youtu.be/IWQ9RRs_GsI
> Best,
> Vandana
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