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Thu Dec 31 05:37:07 CET 2020


Dear all,

We send our warmest wishes to you for the New Year. To celebrate our
connection, and the passage into a new cycle, we'd like to offer something
maybe conducive of time and space shared together through sounds...

> Along with a growing number of friends, allies and fellow-travellers we
have been putting together a radio platform, Firefly Frequencies, with the
idea of opening a space for sonic gathering during these difficult times
(and beyond). We hope it will become a shared tool for collectives,
struggles, study groups, multiplicities and singularities to beam out
signals of affective, poetic and political experimentation and solidarity.

We would like to think of Firefly Frequencies as a fugitive dwelling place
for healing and holding together in vibrations and silences, in the mystery
of the invisible and the magic of sonic gifts, in radical investigations
and outlandish soundscapes.

We invite you to participate in the construction of this new radio, and
help us connect it to other spaces and worlds. And we send a big thank you
to all who have already contributed and to The Ecoversities Alliance who
supported us imagining the radio as a space of learning!

Look forward to hearing from you,

Silvia, Graeme, Alessandra, Nikolay


If you have any podcasts you would like to share or an idea for a show you
would like to propose, please write to: *fireflyfrequencies at gmail.com
<fireflyfrequencies at gmail.com>*




(sound marathon coming up in February!)
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