[PeDAGoG] A children's book about an Adivasi community in India

Pallavi Varma Patil pallavi.vp at apu.edu.in
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Dear all,

Sharing a children's book  titled , Kuni Hikaka's HOUSE, that  highlights
the vernacular architecture of the indigenous community (Kondh adivasi)
based in Orissa, India.
Sujit and I are trying to nudge a de-schooling intervention in one of the
villages and a young girl, Pritu Vatsa (copied here), is at the helm of it.
This is her first output in the area of designing relevant and contextual
Teaching Learning materials. Although currently designed for an external
audience , it will now be translated into the local adivasi KUVI language.
I thought some of you might enjoy knowing and reading this! Please feel
free to pass this on to interested people.

In the words of the production team : "This e-book is offered in the spirit
of gift".

Please find it here: https://bit.ly/2WQHm1y <https://t.co/eUBYuBzZrl?amp=1>

Best wishes,

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Subject: Kuni Hikaka's pdf.

Dear readers,

Welcome aboard on the journey to Kuni's house. ✨✨
Here is the link to download

This book is an attempt to design contextual learning material, record
traditional knowledge systems at School of Nature and pass on the learnings
to other friends and communities.

To know more and to support the initiative please check the link


Happy reading, 📖
School of Nature

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