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Ntelligent mind a corresponding influence
on the physiological constitution, but in the present state of
mental science the conception of
such a
correspondence is very vague. Moreover, even the psychic
functions are not adequately represented by the words already coined in the English language
for other purposes, and I do not think it expedient at present to coin new
terms which would embarrass the student. The word Sanity, for example, answers its purpose by signifying

a mental condition so firm and substantial as to defy the depressing and disturbing influences
that derange the mind. It produces not the mere

negative state, or absence of insanity, but a positive firmness, and
self-control, which is the interior expression of firmness. The cheerful, stable, manly, and well-regulated
character which it produces, disciplines alike the intellect and
the emotions, and shows
itself in children by an early maturity of character and deportment,

and freedom from childish

folly and passion.

If a new word should be introduced to express this function, the
Greek word SOPHROSYNE would be a very

good one, as it signifies a

and reasonable nature. The verb ANDRISO, signifying to render hardy, manly, strong, to display vigor,
and make a manly effort of self-control, would be
equally appropriate in the adjective form, ANDRIKOS, and still more
in the
noun ANDRIA, which signifies manhood or manly sentiments
and conduct. It would not, however, be preferable to the English word, MANLINESS, which is as appropriate a term as Sanity or ANDRIA. TO YOU PERSONALLY. The JOURNAL OF MAN acknowledges with pleasure your co-operation during the past year, its trial trip. It presumes from your co-ope
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