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--and it is lifted from the flesh, when let go it will give

a crack similar to
the sound that follows when you give a knock to the common corn-basket. This is a never-failing
symptom. I treat the complaint very successfully with doses of salts and sulphur. If the animal is taken up in the early stages of the disease, the skin may only
be adhering to a part behind the shoulder-blade; but in a day or two the adhesion will be found

to extend along the whole of the spine; or, _vice versa_, it may begin across the kidneys and go forward to the shoulder-blade. I regard indigestion
as the cause, and some cattle take it in particular fields worse
than others. Diseases of the tongue are rare: I have had some half-dozen cases. A cure is utterly hopeless, and the animal should be sent
to the butcher without delay. When examined, the root

of the tongue, or one side
of it, will be found very much inflamed, and warts will also
generally be observed. The animal will be found frothing at the mouth in the field; and if in the stall, a great deal of frothy matter will be seen before him. I never knew one recover, and I have attempt
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