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Onceptions. He understood subtly, and misunderstood completely, at one
and the same time. But to Hadria, every syllable which revealed how much
he did understand, seemed to prove, by implication, that he understood
the whole. It never occurred to her that he was blinder than Henriette
herself, to the real centre and heart of the difficulty. It has been
said that what the human being longs for above all things, is to be
understood: that he prefers it infinitely to being over-rated. Professor
Theobald gave Hadria this desired sensation. His attraction for her was
composed of many elements, and it was enhanced by the fact that she had
now grown so used to his presence, as to cease to notice many little
traits that had repelled her, at the beginning. Her critical instincts
were lulled. Thus had come to pass that which is by no means an uncommon
incident in human history: a toleration for and finally a strong
attraction towards a nature that began by creating distrust, and even
dislike. Hadria's instinct now was to hunt up reasons for desiring the
society of Professor Theobald, for the gladness that she felt at the
prospect of seeing him. She wished to explain to herself how it was that
he had become so prominent a figure in her life. It was surprising how
rapidly and how completely he had taken a central position. Her feeling
towards him, and her admiring affection for Professor Fortescue, were as
different as night from day. She shrank from comparing the two emotions,
because at the bottom of her heart, she felt how infinitely less fine
and sound was this latter attachment, how infinitely less to be
welcomed. If any one spoke disparagingly of Professor Theobald, Hadria's
instinct was to stand up for him, to find ingenious reasons for his w
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