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Omething familiar about the face, but the sight of it was most
unexpected, and so was the sound of the voice which reached his ears a
moment later. "Dannie!" came the hail, in subdued tones, as if the
speaker were afraid of being overheard by some one besides the boy whom
he was addressing. "Pap!" cried Dan. [Illustration: Dan Recognizes his
Father.] As he spoke he arose from his concealment, and the man on the
other side of the bayou--Dan was pretty certain now that it was a
man--stepped out into view, disclosing the well-known form and features
of Godfrey Evans. Dan could hardly believe his eyes, and even Godfrey
seemed a little doubtful. "Is that you, Dannie?" asked the latter.
"You're just a shoutin'," was the reply. "Nobody ain't thar with you, I
reckon," said Godfrey. "No, I'm all by myself. But be you sartin that's
you, pap?" "In course I am, an' I've been a waitin' an' a watchin' fur
yer. I'll bring you over. You're an ongrateful an' ondutiful boy to
leave your poor ole pap, what's fit the Yankees an' worked so hard to
bring you up like a gentleman's son had oughter be brung up, out here i
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