[Forticsl-progetto] Uled over all y^e Indeans aboute them; but y^e English, espetially those of

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Ded for his liberty, but when they had gott what they desired, they kept
him still & indevored to kill his men; but he was freed by seasing on
some of them, and kept them bound till they gave him a cannows load of
corne. Of which, see Purch: lib. 9. fol. 1778. But this was An^o: 1619.
After y^e writing of y^e former relation he came to y^e Ile of
_Capawack_ (which lyes south of this place in y^e way to Virginia), and
y^e foresaid _Squanto_ w^th him, wher he going a shore amongst y^e
Indans to trad, as he used to doe, was betrayed & assaulted by them, &
_all his men slaine, but one that kept the boat_; but him selfe gott
abord very sore wounded, & they had cut of his head upon y^e cudy of his
boat, had not y^e man reskued him with a sword. And so they got away, &
made shift to gett into Virginia, wher he dyed; whether of his wounds or
y^e diseases of y^e cuntrie, or both togeather, is uncertaine. [60] By
all which it may appeare how farr these people were from peace, and with
what danger this plantation was begune, save as y^e powerfull hand of
the Lord did protect them. These things[AM] were partly the reason why
they kept aloofe & were so long before they came to the English. An
other reason (as after them selvs made kno[=w]) was how aboute 3. _years
before_, a French-ship was cast away at _Cap-Codd_, but y^e men gott
ashore, & saved their lives, and much of their victails, & other goods;
but after y
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